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The Arts & Bots Project is where students combine craft materials, robotic components, and a custom visual-programming tool to build and animate their own robotic creations. Our initial target audience was middle school girls, but the project now engages both genders from elementary school through high school. Arts & Bots is a flexible program that can be adapted to many contexts and subjects in and out of school..

(Above statement borrowed from the Arts and Bots blog)

Handout of Components

Launch Programming Software

Curriculum is available on the Arts and Bots Blog. You can also contact Rob Ruddle for more information at ruddler@calsd.org. If emailing, please put "Techapalooza Arts and Bots" in the subject line.
Arts and Bots / Robot Diaries Blog



Contact Info/links:
To Purchase: http://www.hummingbirdkit.com/
Developers: http://www.cmucreatelab.org/
Project Blog: http://robotdiaries.posterous.com/
Today's Presenter: Rob Ruddle - ruddler@calsd.org - mrruddle.com