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Stevie Kline & Staff

Eric Armstrong
Mike Brna
Ed Bujak
BIll Chessman
Jamie Forshey
Keith Golebie
Jacqueline Goodburn
Jordan Lozosky
Lori Lochran
Joyce Mason
Linda Michael
Linda Muller
Chris Navadauskas
Amy Roadman
Rob Ruddle
Sharon Thistlethwaite
Mary Wallace
and Cal U's Tim Buchanan and Walt Czekaj

Remember we CAN choose to make a difference.



P.R.E.P. AND S.I.T.E.S. with Tim Buchanan and Walt Czekaj

Timothy Buchanan, Executive Director of Special Initiatives

Walter Czekaj
University Exhibitions Coordinator



30 in 45 Web 2.0 Tools and Sites with Techapalooza Staff

Our Daily Animoto (Thanks Amy Roadman - our official photographer and Bill Chessman her assistant)

Door Prizes

Random Number Generator
You many only win one door prize per day.
If your number is generated more than once you may trade prizes,

Share something you learned with us

Act 48 hours

To receive Act 48 hours you must complete an online evaluation for every session you attend - that means the 2 whole group and your 2 breakout sessions each day. Once you complete an evaluation it will disappear from your list on Solutionwhere.
Here are the instructions if you want to download them to print.

Reg inst cropped.jpg.jpg
Reg inst cropped.jpg.jpg